dr hab. Kinga Flaga-Gieruszyńska, prof. US

Prof. US Dr Kinga Flaga-Gieruszyńska was at Vilnius University from 17 to 22 September 2022, where she presented a series of lectures on ‘European civil procedure’.





dr hab. Kinga Flaga-Gieruszyńska, prof. US, dr Aleksandra Klich, dr Wojciech Bożek, mgr Agata Szwed

The 26th international conference ‘Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Information & Engineering Systems’ was held in Verona, Italy, from 7 to 9 September 2022. Four staff members of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Szczecin spoke at the conference. Prof. US dr hab. Kinga Flaga-Gieruszyńska presented a paper entitled. “The use of artificial intelligence in psychiatric treatment and the protection of patients’ privacy”. Dr Aleksandra Klich presented a paper entitled. “The impact of COVID-19 on the functioning of legal clinics in Poland”. Dr Wojciech Bożek, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Szczecin, presented considerations on “The importance of sureties and guarantees granted by the State Treasury in implementing new technical or technological solutions – an analysis from the financial law perspective”, and Agata Szwed, presented a paper entitled “The use of artificial intelligence in migration”. “The use of artificial intelligence in migration-related procedures in the European Union – opportunities and threats”.


On May 12, 2022, Dr. Maciej Kubala conducted a scientific workshop in Rome entitled: “Litis contestatio in Roman law and canon law”, for doctoral students from the Faculties of Canon Law of the Pontifical Universities of Rome. The meeting was organized as part of the scientific internship that Dr. Maciej Kubala carried out from April 23 to May 23, 2022 in Rome, at the Pontificia Università Gregoriana.





dr Konrad Burdziak

From 2 September to 30 November 2021, Dr Konrad Burdziak was on a research internship at Tallinn University in Estonia. As part of the internship, he conducted a research project entitled “Criminological prognosis – comparison of Estonian and Polish solutions.” In addition, as part of the internship, Dr Konrad Burdziak participated in seminars with staff and students of the School of Governance, Law and Society.



dr Michał Peno

In the period from 2020 onwards, Dr Michal Peno gave lectures on the theory and philosophy of law, including in particular legal responsibility, the philosophy of punishment and restorative justice at seven European universities – the University of Cordoba and Salamanca (Spain), the University of Greifswald (Germany), the University of Foggi (Italy), the Central European University (Budapest), the University of Plovdiv (Bulgaria) and the University of Bergen (Norway). In addition, Dr. Michal Peno has twice completed internships at the Oñati International Institute for the Sociology of Law in Spain and conducted research at Deusto University (also in Spain), Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” and The University of National and World Economy in Sofia (Bulgaria). Dr Michal Peno also held library searches at the Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen in Vienna and at the Freie Universität Berlin



dr Daniel Dąbrowski

Dr Daniel Dabrowski delivered a series of lectures on consumer law in foreign research centres between 2019 and 2022 – in 2019 at the University of Montenegro in Montenegro, and the National University of Management in Cambodia; in 2021 at the University of Maribor in Slovenia; and in 2022 and at the Northern University in Armenia. While at the University of Armenia, he also completed a short research internship which resulted in the publication of an article in the Armenian journal Judicial Power entitled ‘Pecuniary Compensation for the Impossibility of Establishing or Continuing a Family Bond in the Case of a Serious Bodily Injury or the Death of a Closest Person – Comments on the Basis of the Polish and Armenian Law’. In addition, in July 2022, Dr Daniel Dabrowski lectured at the University of Bayreuth as part of the Bayreuth International Summer School 2022 on the topic ‘From the Factory to Your Home: Contracts of Sale and Contracts for Carriage as Fundamental Elements of Supply Chains’.



dr Agata Pyrzyńska

Dr Agata Pyrzynska was on a training visit at the Universitá di Pisa in Italy from 17 to 23 June 2018.




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