dr hab. Arkadiusz Wudarski, prof. US

On March 6, 2024, Prof. US Dr. Arkadiusz Wudarski delivered a lecture entitled “Redefinition of Family and Parentage in the United States: Inconsistencies in the Social and Legal Status”. During his speech, he presented the results of research carried out at the University of Miami (School of Law) under a grant from the American Tadeusz Kosciuszko Foundation. The lecture focused on the legal-comparative presentation and analysis of inconsistencies in the social and legal status of family members, particularly genetic parents in the Uniform Parentage Act. Considerations also included an analysis and evaluation of the American concept of parenthood from a European perspective.


prof. dr hab. Maciej Jońca

In the period from January 15 to February 15, 2024, Prof. US Dr. Maciej Jońca was on a research internship at the Institute of Roman Law and Ancient Legal History at the University of Vienna. This internship, is devoted to research on the topic of “Graf Leon Pininski und seine Beziehung zu Wien”.

During this stay, Prof. Jońca delivered a lecture at the Polnische Akademie der Wissenschaften in Vienna.




dr hab. Arkadiusz Wudarski, prof. US

In January 2024, Prof. US dr. Arkadiusz Wudarski, as a Kosciuszko Foundation Fellow, visited the Faculty of Law at the University of the West Indies (University of the West Indies) in Barbados. During his stay, Professor Arkadiusz Wudarski met with Professor Alina Kaczorowska-Ireland and was received by the authorities of the Faculty: Dr. Antonius R. Hippolyte (Acting Dean, Associate Dean for Student Affairs) and Dr. Janeille Matthews (Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research). The talks focused on academic cooperation, including participation in research projects, guest lectures, faculty and student exchanges.

During his stay, Prof. A. Wudarski gave a lecture on “Legal Challenges of Modern Parentage,” in which he presented and evaluated the directions of changes in the legal framework of parenting in Europe. The presentation included the results of research conducted under a Kosciuszko Foundation Fellowship at the University of Miami.


dr Ewa Michałkiewicz-Kądziela

On 30 November 2023 dr. Ewa Michałkiewicz-Kądziela gave a lecture to students of the Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic) under the name: “Preparatory stage of legislative procedure and good legislation“. The lecture was part of the “Legislation in European Countries” course, which was co-created by outstanding law specialists from universities in the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia and Great Britain and concerned contemporary legislative challenges in European countries. This was the second edition of the course to which the Doctor was invited as a lecturer.


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